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Evacuation Diagrams for AS3745-2010 compliance

All workplaces are required to have an Emergency Plan under the New South Wales Work Health and Safety Regulation 2017. Evacuation Diagrams, required as part of an Emergency Plan, assist the occupants of your building make safe egress to assembly areas in the event of an emergency. They also show key safety features of your building. Australian Standard 3745-2010 details the requirements of these diagrams to ensure clarity and consistency.

Contact Away Safe to ensure that your emergency evacuation diagrams are compliant.

AS3745 evacuation

Away Safe was established by STRA Evacuation Plans Pty Ltd and is dedicated to commercial premises. STRA Evacuation Plans Pty Ltd has assisted in fire safety compliance for over 1000 premises.

“We highly recommend Ben from Away Safe, he is thorough in his consultation process and also knowledgeable in all areas of Commercial Fire Evacuation Plans. We were very impressed with Ben’s prompt communication, expertise, attention to detail and willingness to support us through all aspects of fire safety fire plans for our large Commercial premises located in Berry NSW” 

Michelle Greco

Commercial Property Owner

“We used Ben and his team at Away Safe to assist in getting our clients compliant with AS3745. Their evacuation diagrams are designed to meet all requirements outlined by the Australian Standard and relevant building codes. The finished products are well-presented and easy to follow, and the process through to completion is simple, quick, and transparent. Absolute professional to deal with. I’d be very happy to recommend the Away Safe team’s services without any hesitation. “

Andrew Newell

Managing Director at Lachlan Fire & Safety and Extinguisher Wholesale & Safety

Have Any Questions?

Compliance to AS-3745 can be daunting if you are a new owner or new to a role in an Emergency Planning Committee. If you have any questions regarding evacuation diagrams for your premises, contact Away Safe.